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Who's side were you on between Bruce and Jason in their final scene in "Under The Red Hood"? in terms of their arguments from mickthethorpe


I think I’d definitely have to side with Batman on that one. As tempting and cathartic as it would be for him to kill Joker, that’s a line that he can never, ever cross, because it would forever change him. Batman’s humanity is arguably the most important asset of his character, and if you take that away…well, then where exactly does that leave him? 

Any resourceful individual can put on a cape and label themselves a vigilante, but there’s only one Batman—and if we eliminate his humanity, then we effectively destroy him not only as a character, but as a hero.


"Cops are just doing their job" always struck me as weird because it implies that somehow the fact that they are harassing, killing, and imprisoning people, enforcing institutional racism, and destroying communities is less morally reprehensible if they do it for money.